Flying Taxi Hub in Orlando? You know what? Just go for it

When you come from Orlando, wild ideas being throw around the community don’t really “throw” you too often.

We’re the theme park capital of the world. We have life sized replica worlds of Harry Potter and Star Wars. And every other wild news story comes through “Florida Man”.

So, when you give us the opportunity to be a German flying taxi hub, we’re going to say “bring it on”.

That’s what might happen when the Orlando City Council reviews a proposal from Lilium, a German aviation company that wants to set up shop near the airport (story HERE).

But the real selling point is 143 new jobs.

One lesson we’ve learned the hard way this year is that we have to diversify our economy. COVID ravaged some of our largest employers who happen to be in charge of Star Wars land and Harry Potter world and it lead to massive layoffs.

These jobs paid poorly to begin with.

Which is why, no matter the wild idea, we need to pursue every opportunity for new jobs.

With a poison pill in the agreement of course that will allow us to take back any incentives for unfilled promised jobs.

We’ll find out more on Monday but if producing flying taxis can help us diversify and pay better than building fake flying space machines and rides about fake flying brooms, I say bring it on.

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