Here is why the calls for a Goya Boycott are one of the dumbest things you’ll see all week

The internet trolls have been in top form over the past 24 hours, losing their weak minds over some remarks from the CEO of Goya Foods praising the President during a visit to the White House this week.

Be sure that most of the people calling for a Goya boycott have never bought a Goya product, and are probably clueless as to what products they even make.

You can be critical of the President if you like. That is your right. But to call for the boycott of an organization that you don’t even understand is stupid.

And you don’t even understand the staple that is Goya Foods in Hispanic communities all the world. It’s more than just one man.

Then there is the aspect of supporting this call for a boycott that makes you a hypocrite.

You act like the CEO of Goya Foods is the first person to praise the President. Of course you’re wrong.

CEOs of energy companies have praised the president. Heads of car manufacturers and medical supply companies also have. Even owners of sports franchises have.

But you won’t cut off your light. Or stop driving cars or using medical supplies. And you won’t stop watching sports. We can’t wait for them to come back.

You’re calling for the boycott of Goya Foods because it’s easy for you and it doesn’t effect you. It does effect workers and communities everywhere. But you don’t care about that.

And that makes you a weak hypocrite.

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