Green Bay Packers can’t afford week 2 loss against aging Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions are coming here to Lambeau Field to try and rebound from an opening week loss that allowed Mitch Trubisky to lead the Chicago Bears back in the second half for a 27-23 victory.

Never a sentence you want printed about your team heading into week 2.

The truth is that the Lions should have won that game, and given they’re getting old and not even 100% at wide receiver they will eventually be due.

Green Bay Packers fans had better hope those dues don’t arrive on Sunday.

Aaron Rodgers is coming off of a four touchdown game, widely considered the best by an NFL quarterback last weekend, in a performance that involved at least 4 passes caught by five different receivers including Devante Adams who had 14. It was a statement and we talked about that (story HERE).

And that statement needs to continue into week 2.

If not, every football opinionator will continue the conversation they really want to have. The self destruction of Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay.

That really shouldn’t happen though.

Matthew Stafford isn’t getting any younger. Star wide receiver Kenny Golladay might not play due to injury.

That means Adrian Peterson at the age of 35 will propel the Lions down the field. He got cut last month by the Washington Football Team.

You see what I’m saying now?

I actually have picked the Packers to win this weekend. We’ll set a score of oh… 35 to 14.

If they don’t win, those fires the critics were trying to start before the season will start getting fanned once more.

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