Right now, Donald Trump is doing more to earn Wisconsin’s vote than Joe Biden is

Right now, Vice President Mike Pence is delivering remarks in Ripon (story HERE). His first stop of the day and his second visit to Wisconsin after visiting Pewaukee last month (story HERE).

Last weekend, the Women For Trump coalition led the Republican State Convention right here in Green Bay after touring some other locations earlier in the week (story HERE).

This after President Donald Trump visited Marinette and held a prime time televised town hall right here in Green Bay a couple of weeks ago.

This isn’t so much an opinion as it is just plain facts. The President is working harder than Joe Biden right now in one of the biggest swing states in the country.

What the former Vice President has done in the past month is reduce the size of the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee later this summer. Delegates are being asked not to make the trip.

Now, there is a pandemic and safety must be considered but what about other efforts? Digital media buys. Phone calls. Direct mail. Joe Biden has been missing through all of it.

Right now, it’s a one sided conversation.

Perhaps, the Biden Campaign is looking at poll numbers which have reflected positively in past months and believes he can relax when it comes to us. He believes he already has this campaign won.

The easy path to take here is to point to the Hillary Clinton campaign and their decision to not go harder here. But let’s go higher and look at the likely campaign road ahead.

The trajectory of the pandemic is obviously weighing heavy on the minds of Wisconsin voters. The economy is still big with a lot of independents and a general return to normality is really what everyone is hungry for now.

Who can deliver that?

Right now it’s the Trump campaign that is being more aggressive in making their case to the people here and November will be here before you know it.

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