The unfair internet assault on “Meet The Press” host Chuck Todd for doing his job correctly continues

Once again, “Meet The Press” host Chuck Todd was trending on Sunday morning for the all of the wrong reasons.

You see, most of the loudest (and often most uneducated) voices on the internet have become used to strictly partisan political television that gives them exactly what they want to hear. And they don’t always get that with the long running NBC program.

And they take those frustrations out on Todd. Both sides.

The truth is that they’ve forgotten that “Meet The Press” is supposed to be one of the last few sanctuaries for the moderates. The middle of the road voters who often decide elections and will likely once again do it in November.

We’ve come to a point in political television where you have to pick a side. FOX News, MSNBC, CNN, one of those organizations that determine your identity.

Does that sound right? Of course not. If you’re smart, you’re watching a little bit of everything. This allows you to have a better understanding of all sides of an issue. This also makes you a better defender of your beliefs.

You don’t have to agree with it, but you have to keep your brain working.

But this often requires work. And many of the people criticizing Todd don’t want to hear that.

No one will ever replace Tim Russert. I don’t think David Gregory expected to. I don’t think Chuck Todd expects to.

But as great as Russert was, you have to wonder if this caliber of haters would have even appreciated him here in 2020. That’s sad.

Chuck Todd hasn’t really done anything wrong. This is just another case of cry baby social media whiners that are sad that they’re not hearing the songs they want to hear.

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