My Avengers: Endgame review in FAQ form (spoiler free)

If you haven’t read what this film means to me, I reccomend THIS article to check out afterwards.

Listen, there are a lot of different kinds of people that read this blog and I want to make this post as useful as possible to these different kinds of people, so I’m doing this in the popular Frequently Asked Questions format.

If I’m not a big Marvel fan, will I like this film?: Let me get this out of the way. It’s a three hour film. It doesn’t feel like three hours but it’s a taxing experience. If you enjoyed last summer’s Infinity War, then you should enjoy this exciting conclusion. If you haven’t seen Infinity War, you’ll be lost and should probably watch that film first. It’s on Netflix right now.

I am a Marvel Cinematic Universe fan. Will I like this film?: You’ll *bleeping* love it. This film is a payoff for an 11 year, 22 film experience. There are call-backs to almost all of those previous films in almost every scene and the last conflict is possibly the one of the largest, action packed sequences in cinematic history. Loose ends are tied with some left open for future films, and for me, a lifelong Marvel fan, it was a very satisfying experience. Very pleased.

Hey Frank, can you write a “professional” summary?: Avengers: Endgame is an excellent conclusion to Disney’s ambitious Marvel Cinematic Universe “Infinity Saga”. The gifted cast of superstars (including some Oscar winners and nominees) comes together in a beautifully crafted film anchored by first class special effects, and several emotionally rewarding moments that tie the film together. If you’ve enjoyed the previous Marvel films, measure that enthusiasm against Endgame’s 3 hour run time. This will help your decision on whether you should see it opening weekend, later in it’s theatrical run, or even at home. I enjoyed this film very much.

I took my kids to see Infinity War and they left the theater crying. Are they ready for Endgame?: Yes. Last summer’s Infinity War cliffhanger understandably didn’t end the way many casual fans expected it to and some younger viewers were disappointed. There are some emotional moments in this film as well, but also a lot of great examples of friendship and a more hopeful tone.

What does Endgame mean for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe?: This is one of the most successful franchises in movie history. It’s not going anywhere. There will be more Marvel films, and the potential of some of the teased projects in the film look promising.

If I see it, should I stay for the credits?: You should not.

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