Tiger Woods visit to White House more about golf than politics

2019 Masters Champion, Tiger Woods, is visiting the White House on Monday, to receive the Congressional Medal of Freedom from President Donald Trump, following his climb back to the top of the golfing world last month after an absence of over a decade.

This is a visit that bothers many because of our politics, but this trip to the White House will be about the game of golf for Woods, and yes, for the President as well.

Trump lives on a golf course, he owns them, he’s hosted tournaments, this is actually his sport. We all have our favorites, I grew up with the Michael Jordan Bulls in the 90s, if he wants to hang out, I can assure it’s going to be about the basketball.

That’s the way I believe the President feels. I know his Twitter game and tumultuous presidency brings up a lot feelings, both for and against his policies, but he played a round of golf with Woods a couple of months back, this is out of the love of the game for both parties.

It’s different with other sports. Some recent NBA Champions have decided to skip their visits to the White House to send a statement. The President fired back over social media that he was rescinding their invite anyways. No joy there.

NFL teams have had to deal with the kneeling controversy involving the national anthem. This has also led to bad blood for some players who have opted out of visits.

Then there was the College Football Champion, Clemson Tigers, and the shut down with the fast food and you know the rest. No one wants to relive that evening.

When Woods goes to the White House, the President’s going to award him a medal and the focus should be on his contribution to the sport that makes many fans happy, whether playing it in their communities or watching it on TV.

Let’s recommit the focus of our athlete’s visits to Pennsylvania avenue away from politics and back to their dedication to being a champion, which earned their ways into the doors of the White House to begin with.

Photo: CBS Sports

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