Decision to fix busted looking Sonic the Hedgehog might save the film

If you haven’t heard by now, Sonic the Hedgehog, video game icon and star of the upcoming film, was thrashed by fans after recently making his CGI debut. Filmmakers have pledged to fix this monstrosity and doing so might save a project that has potential multi-generational appeal.

Growing up you were either a Mario person or a Sonic person. If you were born after 90′, you are allowed to claim Crash Bandicoot, even though the decision to do so is generally frowned upon because he’s lame.

I enjoyed all three growing up but I logged the most hours playing Sonic. That satisfying sound of acquiring rings while zooming through loops and racing your friends with the multi-player. It was fun stuff.

After observing that poor rendering last week, I’m glad they’re going back to the drawing board.

They just need to hope they’re not too late.

With an already saturated family movie market, producers will have to hope that it’s not too late to make a positive impression and they’ll also have to rely on some amnesia by their target audience.

Filmmakers could also lean on star, Jim Carey, who’s found a bit of resurgence on cable television and has a good track record with family films to pull this movie out of the muck.

The bright side is that they’re making the correction before the film is released. If you’re old enough to remember the Super Mario Brothers film from the early 90s, you’ll also remember it was so bad they still haven’t had the courage to try another one.

One does have to ask themselves “How did such a goof make it through to audiences anyway? Don’t they focus group this stuff?”

Well, it’s in the past, let’s hope the Sonic we see in theaters does justice to the one we knew in our childhoods.

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