It’s true, Sunrail accidents won’t stop until we cease driving in front of trains

Another week, another Sunrail accident. The most recent accident involving a vehicle on the rails, coupled with damage caused by severe weather, continues to raise questions about the efficiency and safety of Central Florida’s commuter rail system.

We can’t do anything about severe weather but we can do something about vehicles getting hit by trains.

We can stop driving in front of them (story HERE).

It’s true, if you stop pushing your luck when the signals light up and the arms drop, you’re chances of getting hit by the train will greatly reduce, and the amount of accidents as a trend will decrease.

You’ve probably seen it yourself, someone pushes their luck at a stop, some cars will even drive around the arms. After all, they’ve got places to be, but they’re taking their lives in their hands by doing so and run the risk of becoming another tragic story on the news that we’re becoming accustomed to.

We must stop and provide space for these trains.

Sadly, we continue to be our own worst enemy when it comes to our safety, and it’s not just Sunrail but with our ongoing problem with pedestrian safety as well (story HERE).

Now, I’ve never been a huge Sunrail fan, their ridership numbers aren’t what we’d thought they’d be and we haven’t done enough building around these stations to make them a pragmatic solution for Central Floridians. We’re still addicted to our cars and lugging down Ultimate I4 everyday.

A lot of these accidents can’t fall on Sunrail though. We’ve got to continue to educate to our drivers.

If need be, we might want to park police cars near those tracks to ensure drivers are being safe.

Yes, we must use public safety resources and revenues to educate our drivers and remind them that driving out in front of moving trains can be dangerous.

It’s sad but it’s true, otherwise we’ll keep seeing these sad stories.

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