OPD E-Commerce Exchange zones are a great idea and we need more of them

Have you ever been to a Craigslist meet? It’s a nervous experience.

There is this person that you have been texting or emailing that you don’t know, and they agree to meet you at a location where you will either be carrying cash, or something of value. You’ve heard the horror stories and you’re concerned about becoming a statistic.

Even if you’re 100% legal, it feels like a shady exchange. “Do you have the money?” or “Well, I’d like to see the product turned on first”.

Now, thanks to the Orlando Police Department, you can leave the Wal Mart parking lots and shopping mall food courts behind. They have set up an E-Commerce Exchange area for these kind of transactions.

These areas are well lit areas that are under video surveillance. These are the perfect locations to do business in these kind of situations.

” If a buyer refuses to meet you here, you might want to rethink doing business with them.” says the OPD post announcing these areas (post HERE).

They’re right.

Every municipality should have these. If they don’t, then they need to make them a priority. This is sharp thinking by our public safety officials and will actually stimulate these kinds of peer to peer transactions. That’s fostering a pro business environment.

It’s essentially removing the main concern from private online sales.

Let’s applaud OPD for these locations and let’s ask our other municipal leaders in Central Florida to set up more of these sites in each of our towns.

It will make your next Craigslist sale much less stressful.

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