NFL owners should give up on 18 week season until the players are ready

It seems to happen every off season now, the push for an 18 week NFL schedule. Why? Because, money of course. But the owners still don’t seem to realize the toll an NFL season takes on it’s players.

We know all about concussion controversies, and while technology and protocols to monitor potential head injuries have improved, the players only seem to be getting stronger and faster, and we keep coaching these players to be human projectiles on the playing field.

The approach owners have taken is to stiffen up the rules. Tougher penalties on physical play, but then the players are unhappy because flags are flying on every other snap.

The quality of the game suffers and everyone gets frustrated.

A recent proposal was an 18 week schedule with a 16 game limit for players. The argument here was that teams would not be putting their best squads on the field every week, and that argument is correct.

So what’s the solution? Well, owners won’t like it, but the answer is to wait until the players are ready.

That’s right, keep working. Keep coming up with new ideas.

One easy step is to make that pre season as short as possible. We don’t need a four or five game pre season.

Next is to coach the game for the era we’re playing in. This reduces injuries. Less injuries will inspire more confidence in possibly expanding the schedule.

If it sounds elementary, it is. But it needs to be repeated as much as possible because we’re only thinking about the money and not the health of our players.

You’ll never get more football that way and we’ll keep having the same unresolved debate every off season.

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