Orlando candidates should consider some Spanish campaign literature in 2020

It doesn’t matter where. If you’re a candidate that’s on the ballot in 2020 here in Central Florida, you’re going to have residents that speak Spanish in your district. If you want those residents to support you, they must have a clear understanding of what you’re saying.

Order some campaign literature in Spanish next year.

There aren’t too many more people that banged on more doors than I did in 2018. I met thousands of voters for a dozen candidates and causes, and almost all of them spoke English. There were times however, when they’re English wasn’t very strong. I’m bilingual, so I was able to get the message across and still connect with them.

The number one request from them was a palm card with the campaign’s message in Spanish.

This isn’t about discouraging English. Learning English is important, and many Hispanic residents are bilingual, but there are some seniors in the Hispanic community that enjoy the political process and want to talk politics, but they need a little help with the writing.

There is also a chance that you or your campaign volunteers are going to hit one of these doors, and if you don’t have a bridge to communicate, the person on the other side of that door won’t have a clear vision of what you’ll do if elected.

You know this is about winning and you don’t leave votes on the table. The order will be relatively small and it won’t cost that much. This is the same for both parties.

You also won’t be alone. Donald Trump and whoever the Democratic nominee will increase efforts here in the I4 corridor to reach those voters.

And Orlando Hispanic voters aren’t always a sure thing for Democrats. If a voter makes that connection with the canvasser at the door and they have that palm card to remind them of what your’re running for, they’ll vote for you regardless of party. I’ve seen it happen.

Take those extra steps to connect with the voters here in Orlando. You won’t regret it.

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