Orlando remains the best home for the NFL Pro Bowl

On Wednesday, the City of Orlando announced that the NFL Pro Bowl will be returning to Camping World Stadium in 2020.

That’s great for football fans in Orlando and just as good for the National Football League, because we are still the best location in the country to host the game.

We’re a top 20 television market without one of the NFL’s 32 teams.

We’re hosting the game at the recently renovated Citrus Bowl.

We’ve got the best convention center in the country (don’t @ me Las Vegas), and plenty of other terrific venues to host events, including Disney.

And speaking of Disney, this makes Orlando an event not just for the players but for their families as well.

Not to mention, we’re still in the lower 70s/upper 60s in January.

Finally, we also continue to be a prime host for big sporting events including multiple college bowl games a year, a couple of wrestlemanias, and most recently the MLS All Star game. We know how to do this.

And the NFL we’ll see some kind of return on investment because of tourism development tax regulations that takes a percentage of their hotel night revenues in Orlando and puts it right back into tourism.

Let’s face it, with three NFL teams already in Florida, it’s also unlikely that Orlando football fans will have a team call our wonderful city home, for a while anyways.

So, we’re happy to welcome back the NFL next year for another Pro Bowl. We love having you.

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