Orlando Leaders must demand accountability for safety conditions on Ultimate I-4 project

There was another tragedy tied to the Ultimate I-4 project over the weekend, when a construction beam fell on two workers, killing one of them. This is the fifth death tied to the massive interstate project since it started in 2015 (story HERE).

Orlando leaders need to start demanding answers on what’s being done about it.

We know it’s not a safe project. It’s construction in the middle of one of the most dangerous stretches of highway in the state, but these accidents keep occurring. We forget about them and it happens again. We’ve still got another two years of this.  At least.

Florida Department of Transportation is investigating, but the public needs more. We need our elected officials in Orlando to get us answers on what these contractors are doing to keep these workers safe. There are people profiting off of these current conditions.

What is the plan?

And who is being held responsible for the safety conditions on these projects?

There is an excellent chance you’ve seen these workers on your commute. They’re out there during the hot summer days, chilly winter mornings, and in the middle of the night when we’re all in bed.

Are we doing enough for them? What about the families of the victims?

The public deserves to know.

Whenever this project is completed, they’ll be a ceremony. There will probably be a ribbon cutting and all of the politicians and business leaders will pat themselves on the back on a job well done.

Unless they’re doing the work during the tough times like these, they won’t deserve it.

Ultimate I4 will be an excellent and much needed improvement to road travel that will change the transportation game in Orlando. But we must be as transparent as possible when it comes to safety.

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