UCF Presidential search committee results exclude regular members of the community

A couple of weeks ago, UCF opened up nominations for it’s search committee that would help select it’s next President. It promised to give “Students, faculty, staff, alumni and community — the opportunity to recommend search committee members who would best represent UCF and our values and mission as a leading metropolitan research university.”

Apparently that representation excludes regular Orlando residents.

The selections instead included the usual names of education “higher ups”, powerful donors, and well connected alumni (story HERE).

This process of taking nominations was just a PR smoke screen. Why even bother if the same power brokers are going to be selected? No wonder the community never gets involved.

Another problem is that these type of resume building committee members were the kind of participants that prevously lead to a costly national search, which resulted in the University selecting a President who was already part of the organization.

Now we’re going to get another costly search. More fiscal irresponsibility. The same kind of fiscal irresponsibility that resulted in millions of dollars being misappropriated in a building controversy which got us here in the first place.

It’s true that I submitted my name and nominated myself. Aside from an email acknowledging the message had been receive, I never heard from anyone else involved in the search again. I wonder how many other members of the community were treated the same way?

It’s unfortunate. The least we can hope for now is that this group has learned from it’s mistakes. This needs to be more than a photo opp. This needs to be a responsible process for someone to lead our community’s students into a brighter future full of opportunity.


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