Seminole County Commission should be careful turning down the bass on Jesus

Right now, we’ve got some controversy in Seminole County between an HOA and a church, with the residents of the community complaining about the volume of the music coming from the church’s worship services (story HERE). Specifically the bass involved.

A lot of complaining. 222 complaints to the authorities at the time of this post.

Now the church has said that they’ve turned down the music and they’re technically not breaking any rules right now. Residents hope to go to the Seminole County Commission to redraft the noise ordinances.

Be careful with that guys. Seminole County is running the risk of becoming an unfriendly place for churches.

You see, this is the second controversy in the county regarding a church. We’ve also got the conflict between downtown Sanford residents and a Christian academy over a vacant space because of traffic concerns (story HERE).

Churches in a community are a good thing. The buzz from Seminole County right now is not making it seem that way.

And you’ve also got to enforce these ordinances across the board. If you’re going to quiet down a church, what’s next? A school performance? A kid’s birthday party?

Instead of “Seminole County: The Natural Choice” they should make it “Seminole County: Can you keep it down?”

Hopefully, a solution can be reached that will satisfy the residents and the church without changing an ordinance that can have a lot of unintended consequences if not handled correctly.

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