Orlando Consumers should avoid Pay at the Pump gas until credit card skimmers are finally eliminated

The Pay at the Pump gas skimmers are back, and in full force.

A report today (story HERE) maps out several credit card skimmers in major Orlando metropolitan areas today. We’re not talking about rural, sleepy, gas stations.

We’re talking about Maitland Blvd.
We’re talking about 434.
We’re talking about 17-92.

Places that you would think are safe because of the activity in the area, but apparently are not.

Until our local and state officials can prove they can keep us safe, I’m not using those things and the Orlando area as a whole should tell their gas stations they’re not using them until the conditions improve.

While I like Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried, I can’t help but wish she would be more aggressive here. Her predecessor, Adam Putnam, was always promoting a constant awareness of these skimmers.

Fried put up stickers on these pumps with her face on them and that’s it. They don’t stop criminals.

And let me tell you that going inside and paying for gas would raise awareness too. It takes time to pay at the cashier. Lines get longer. People get frustrated. Managers get frustrated. Then the phone calls begin and that’s when the action starts.

It shouldn’t take that kind of activity really. Local leaders should be upset. What kind of public safety are they providing when a person can’t even fill up their gas tank without getting robbed?

Let’s hope our leaders move quickly on this. Until then, go inside and pay.

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