Orlando leaders should encourage more Jaywalking tickets to make progress on pedestrian safety concerns

Orlando remains one of the most dangerous cities in the country when it comes to pedestrian safety. Despite physical improvements to roads and crosswalks, part of the challenge remains the willingness for pedestrians themselves to actually follow the laws.

In a recent report (story HERE), law enforcement had only issued 3 jaywalking tickets in the downtown area this year.

We have to do more and we need our local leaders to encourage more involvement from police to educate residents that what they’re doing, especially in the downtown area, could cost them their lives.

If that takes a small cost citation, so be it.

Now, I understand that our law enforcement officers are pretty busy. Jaywalking tickets might not be a major priority.

But if they can find the time, a citation, even just a warning, could go a long way in helping the pedestrian safety issue in Orlando.

Then maybe we can finally shake that unfair designation of not being a pedestrian safe community.

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