Here is why both Republicans and Democrats should oppose the Universal road deal with Orange County

On Tuesday, a deal that will hand over about $125 million of taxpayer dollars to Universal for a new road that will accomodate their new theme park, will go before the Orange County Commission (story HERE). This while the county is advocating for a tax increase with an affordable housing crisis taking place.

The proposal has been slammed from all sides. Moderates, conservatives, and progressives alike.

And the reason this deal is getting opposition from all around, is because it’s an all around a bad deal for the people of Orange County.

In over ten years of writing about Orange County politics, I’ve found that many casual residents will default to their party stances regardless of the fact that politics on the county level is non partisan.

This is why this post exists.

Here is why both Republicans and Democrats should oppose the Universal road deal with Orange County.

Democrats should oppose this deal because: The county has far more pressing needs right than handing over $125 million dollars to a theme park giant. In addition to the housing crisis, improvements regarding infrastructure, facilities, and public safety are still needed. This is also a matter of giving millions to a company that has contributed to Orange County having some of the worst wages in the country. This road using public funds will only help them make more money at your expense. This is corporate welfare at it’s highest and most negligent practice.

Republicans should oppose this deal because: It’s straight up government waste. While Orange County continues to stuff your money into a bin that is already full, they’re also trying to raise your taxes. It also completely ignores the principles of the free market by having our government intervene on private matters while completely bypassing the people. They’re taking the decision out of your hands and placing it in their own.

And why we should be working together this time: Because this actually isn’t about Red vs. Blue. It doesn’t matter if you’re a conservative from Apopka or a progressive in downtown, your being played and accountability here matters.

Call your Orange County Commissioners (numbers HERE) and tell them to listen to their constituents.

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