UCF has a leadership problem, and people are getting rich off of it

On Friday, the University of Central Florida appointed an interim director for it’s simulation institute (story HERE) after the former director and two faculty members were accused of trading academic accomplishments for money.

Last month, an interim provost was appointed after the regular provost was put on paid leave without an explanation provided to the public (story HERE).

And this is happening as UCF continues to search for a President to take of the place of it’s interim President, who had to replace his predecessor who was in charge when a spending scandal in the millions was discovered (story HERE).

The search for this new president was also supposed to allow a more inclusive committee that could provide fresh eyes to the process. Instead, the current committee consists of many of the same members who spent hundreds of dollars on a search to find someone who was already working at the school (story HERE)… As the Provost.

All of this is occurring as a medical school controversy with the two local health care giants continues, and as an athletic director calls for a stadium expansion as our football team regresses.

Look at all of this print. I’ve spent all of your time just writing the problems, that I hardly have time to give you a solution.

The problem here is that people are getting rich off of these leadership failures. These headhunter firms are charging the school massive fees to find people. School administrators are still collecting high salaries as new problems are uncovered each week. And various vendors on campus are still taking our money as we do regular business with the school every day.

They don’t have a reason to get better. Everyone is still making money. More problems and more interim titles doesn’t mean the money stops.

All of this is happening as young adults in our community continue to struggle to pay off student loans, and now they’ve got to pay off their teachers if this continues. They’re the real losers here.

Last year, I defended the school when out of area state legislators decided to showboat as fiscal conservatives at the expense of UCF but this school hasn’t made it easy. It’s making everyone look bad.

Another large part of the problem is that the Board of Trustees is just plain lazy. Look at the lack progress we’re seeing here and look at the lack of transparency.

UCF students and parents should demand a complete overhaul of that board’s operations. They haven’t earned their positions there.

And cut off the revenue faucet that allows people to profit from this chaos and continue to deliver a sad academic leadership experience to the students in our community.

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