UCF needs strong reformer as next President but the greedy won’t let it happen

The list of initial applicants to be the next President of the University of Central Florida is in, and the results aren’t what many had hoped for (story HERE).

What we have are 13 applicants, four local or UCF grads, others with less than three years at their current position, and many with no experience in higher education.

And it’s important to know that the school is paying a high price for a search firm, the last search costed hundreds of thousands only to produce a president that was already working for the school (story HERE).

You already know the rest of the scandal and controversy that has happened since.

Still, this is what you got. Blame the search committee, many who were on the last search committee.

If they were smart, they would seek out a reformer to the next President. It’s exactly what they need.

They need someone who is going to take that job and kick over all of the rocks on campus that are hiding anymore secrets that could do damage to the students. And they need a president that is going to be loud and name names.

Not only would it be good for the school, but it would provide some much needed transparency for many alumni that have plunged into the national student loan debt problem at the expense of this incompetence and corruption.

If this search committee had any integrity, they would insist on such a person, but there is no pressure on them to do so, they’re all already successful. This is a photo opp, not a serious venture that will effect them

They will select whoever gives them the best chance to succeed, not the community.

But the community can demand better. They can read the news coverage coming out of these meetings and act. They can start making phone calls to these leaders and sending emails.

They can stop spending money there. Especially, if they think it’s not being used properly

Right now, we’re getting more of the same.

This search isn’t over yet. This committee could surprise. I hope so.

Because right now, they’re making the same mistakes all over again.

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