After Aaron Gordon Slam Dunk snub, Magic players should boycott contest until changes are made

If you happen to be watching the festivities from NBA All Star weekend last night from Chicago, then there is no doubt you saw Orlando Magic star, Aaron Gordon, get robbed of a second slam dunk contest championship.

Despite putting on the best showing in the field, Gordon was denied after Dwayne Wade cast the score which gave the title to his Miami Heat, brother Derrick Jones.

Aaron Gordon dunked over Tacko Fall, just to lose the trophy to a south Florida rivalry from a loaded panel.

If it sounds dumb, that’s because it was dumb. I’m not alone here either, Gordon was trending into the early hours of the morning after the injustice.

Orlando Magic players should sit out the dunk contest until changes are made.

This makes perfect sense. Why should this young Magic team, who is on the verge of doing great things, risk injury on a contest that doesn’t reward it’s prize correctly.

Let’s talk about those changes. Fractional scoring is needed. A real neutral panel is needed. And the philosophy of just handing out perfect scores for the sake of doing so, needs to be changed.

Until that happens, All Star Weekend can do without Magic players in it’s dunk contest. Of course, if the player really wants to do it, then let him, but he’s been advised.

Last night was a travesty. Fix it.

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  1. If there’s a tie, and you need players to have a dunk f, at that point, the contestants should get two final dunks and let the fans vote online to break the tie. 100% that would give the win to Aaron

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