Two-Way Orange Avenue offers the promise of an easier to navigate downtown Orlando

Do you want to find out if someone has lived in Orlando a longtime?

Take them downtown and watch them drive. You’ll know in about a minute.

The truth is that downtown Orlando can be a challenge to navigate if you don’t know where you’re going. The main traffic veins, Orange Avenue and Rosalind Avenue, are one way streets and if you miss you’re stop or turn, it could take you up to 10 minutes to rollback around and find another place to park.

Lucky for us, in a rare show of pragmatism, City of Orlando is considering making Orange and Rosalind two way streets (story HERE).

Go for it. They say it’s to help local businesses, but the truth is that there is potential to make the overall experience of driving in downtown Orlando much more enjoyable.

Just think. Not having to swing that left by city hall and having to start all over at the courthouse when parking is hard to find.

Of course, it’s never all good when it comes to the city. There is potential for some “Ultimate I4” level of inconvenience for this to happen. They will have to shut down these roads at some point.

And we also don’t know what the new situation will be when you want to get on I4, the 408, or South Orange avenue, when you’re ready to get leave.

But at least we’re thinking and we’re innovating.

That’s progress.

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