Predictability and the Corona virus has stolen the energy from Florida’s primary

Today is primary day.

But you’d barely notice it with all that’s going on in the world. The Corona virus continues to take control over the lives of Orlando residents and let’s face it, this primary was decided weeks ago.

It’s also St. Patrick’s Day.

Social distancing has taken door to door campaigning out of the equation and public places and meetings have all been canceled. This has taken the most fascinating aspect of politics, human interaction, out of the equation.

There is also the double digit lead that Joe Biden has over Bernie Sanders in the polls. This primary has no suspense tied to it at all. If there is any excitement attached to this primary, it’s that there is a possibility that Bernie could drop out after tonight. That’s really it. You can see it in the public interest from early voting and in the slightly relaxed news coverage it’s getting this morning.

Then there is St. Patrick’s Day. Sadly, grabbing a pint of green beer (so much for that) might outweigh standing in line for a predictable race in the minds of many voters.

Is all of this sad? Yes, it is and it’s not good for Orlando. An area that many determine who our next President is in November

The best we can do is try to beat this Corona sickness and hope that normalcy returns in time for the general election stretch.

This primary day has been stolen from us by a pandemic. I believe in our resilience enough to know it won’t be long before we take our lives back.

Take that first step and get out to the polls today.

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