Orlando VA facilities should be brought into Coronavirus fight sooner than later

Did you know that if needed, the Department of Veterans Affairs will reinforce the American medical system during challenging times such as the ones we’re currently experiencing fighting the Coronavirus pandemic? It’s true.

Here in Orlando, it would be in the best interest to bring in the VA’s facilities in Lake Nona and Baldwin Lakes into the fight sooner than later. They have the manpower and they certainly have the space.

We’re all familiar with the painfully long process of getting the Lake Nona facility going after years of delays, and our elected officials have fought extra hard to keep the Baldwin Lakes clinic open in recent years.

It’s time to demonstrate the good that these facilities can do. Especially now.

Unfortunately, the individuals that will oppose these efforts will be the higher up VA administrators that don’t want any oversight into their operations at these locations. They’ve fought to keep members of congress out of their buildings and they certainly don’t want an even bigger spotlight shined on what may be occurring now as they continue to push sick vets towards online services instead of in person care.

That’s nonsense.

Never forget. They work for veterans. And under these circumstances, they also work for you. The facility at Lake Nona is state of the art and only a couple of years old. The lifesaving potential there is immense.

It sounds strange having to coerce VA officials into battle, but it’s what we have to do here.

Let’s open up those doors and save some lives.

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