Delayed DNC means Orlando Democrats will have to unify the region themselves…again

It was announced today that the Democratic National Convention, set to take place in Milwaukee has been postponed until August 17th due to the Coronavirus pandemic (story HERE).

Democrats in “The Heart of the I4 Corridor” can’t wait until August, to hope party leaders can drag disgruntled progressives back into the fold in time to beat Donald Trump in November.

This means, once again, they’ll have to do it themselves.

I say once again because of the party platform meeting that took place here in Orlando back in 2016, when establishment Democratic party leaders held two days of hearings over various issues and pushed progressives out of the way on each one. This was among the other drama distractions taking place at the top of their command with allegations accusing party leaders of rigging the primary for Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders.

And it’s not necessarily Orlando that has to worry here. They’re blue, they’ll be fine. But the I4 corridor must radiate positivity to motivate other workers in the state, and to help them override the heavy advantage in the rural areas, where Donald Trump will earn the majority of the vote, and local parties are too small to swing their counties.

I supposed they could look to the state party for help. Okay, that’s mean, everyone knows how often they’ve proven their incompetence in the last 7 years. They invent ways to lose at the Florida Democratic Party.

A major part of that process is Democrats being able to turn on the TV and see prime time coverage of their political heroes cheering them onto the phones to call voters, and into the streets to change minds on doorsteps.

An August convention ain’t going to do that as well.

So it will have to be local elected officials that do it for them. Luckily, they’re almost all behind Joe Biden, but they’ll have to focus on winning over the Bernie people too. The ones that are planning on staying home in protest or writing in Bernie anyways. And they’ll have to do it in a fashion that is also going to get in front of the moderate voter who is going to be busy rebuilding their life after the pandemic.

Orlando Democrats will once again have to try to motivate Florida Democrats. It doesn’t seem fair but that’s the way it is.

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