Job market in Orlando for Veterans will be even worse after Coronavirus pandemic

As the world battles the Coronavirus pandemic, one of the hardest hit aspects of day to day life for people here in Orlando is skyrocketing unemployment, as companies from all over the region shutter to protect themselves until the danger has disappeared.

Among the thousands of unemployed in the region will be veterans here in the Orlando area.

You’ll remember we’ve talked about jobs for veterans before. Orlando and really the state of Florida, have done poor work with job services that are aimed at putting veterans to work.

I know this personally. I’m there.

You have to track down the VA job coordinator here in Orlando. And once you have him, you might get a five minute conversation with him before you never hear from him again.

Veterans Florida will use an aggressive intake process on you, but soon afterwards, you’ll be forgotten about as well.

Many other employment agencies with departments that deal with veterans (really just one person) do exactly as they do for everyone else. Basically they refer you to Indeed.

The sad fact is that if veterans want to get to work in Central Florida, they’ll have to find it themselves despite their disadvantage against their private sector competition. There are a bunch of bad actors pretending to do good work for veterans in Florida.

And it’s only going to get worse as we try to recover from the Coronavirus pandemic.

Now, there is going to be so much talent out there that it will be even easier for veterans to get lost in the crowd. It’s no one’s fault, many of these newly unemployed are just trying to provide for their families too.

After we’re out and moving again, we have to do our best to take care of the ones who took care of us. And we also have to remember that there are veterans waiting to transition out into this job economy. They’ve also got families and children to consider.

It’s going to get worse. We have to get better not only for our veterans but for everyone of our neighbors too.

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