Being unemployed in Orlando is tough, here is how you can get through it

As Orlando continues to battle with the Coronavirus pandemic, thousands are losing their jobs. Our workforce consisting of tourism, hospitality, and construction majority talent could have never projected such a devastating effect on our world.

Sadly, Central Florida is a tough place to be unemployed. Many employers could care less about workers but could certainly care more about their bottom line.

You can get through it though. As a recently unemployed veteran, I’ve discovered that it’s possible to get back in control and when you do, you’ll be stronger than ever.

Here are a couple of tips.

Visit the employment agencies, but don’t expect much help: There are some good people at these places, but really, they’re just going to refer you to the same job search engines everyone else is using. If an employer is visiting the office, you do want to go to that. There is where the value lies with these places.

Expand to Daytona and Lakeland opportunities: The drive is tough, but if you can swing it, then expand your searches to those other two smaller markets. You’ll increase your chances of finding something. These are also two nice communities to work in.

Guard something:
: There are security jobs everywhere in Central Florida. The class and your license will cost you a couple of hundred dollars, but you’ll be working in less than two weeks. And there will still be space to get a second gig if you need to.

Consider other bridge jobs: If you’ve got a trade, you’ll probably want to return to it as soon as possible. Find a gig that will keep the money coming in and nullify any expenses until then. These aren’t going to last forever. Just get something. Everyone is hurting right now. We have to survive.

Don’t forget about city and county governments. Schools too: These are good jobs. And most of the colleges and municipalities have a good reputation for taking care of their people too. There competitive so don’t be afraid to promote your skills and qualifications if you have to.

Hold your politicians accountable: We’ve heard our local politicians brag about jobs for years and unfortunately what we got was low wages and housing that can’t be afforded with those many of those junk jobs. Take them to task. You might find your passion to change things could lead you into a political career.

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