This is why Orlando leaders shouldn’t call the Coronavirus fight “The new normal”

Right now Orlando is in the middle of the fight against the Coronavirus, as the area along with the rest of the world continues to battle this dangerous pandemic.

We have modified our lives to keep those around us safe. These measures while effective, are not easy and is driving us into a recession where we’ll all be struggling for an indefinite period of time. People are hurting right now.

That’s why it hurts my ears to hear our elected officials call where our community is right now, “the new normal”.

It’s hard to think of a more miserable announcement that will drive down the morale of a community that’s had more than it’s fair share of challenges before this virus even got here. It’s terrible bedside manner for Orlando leaders to use for their communities.

While it’s accurate right now and likely for a time still to come, it also provides no hope for families that are struggling right now. Presenting the possibility that things may not get better is condemning Orlando to a life of struggle and misery.

Here is what we should be doing.

We should continue to encourage staying home and social distancing without pushing into police rule territory.

We should emphasize that the fight is not over and that we must stay vigilant.

We should hold politicians accountable that are campaigning during this disaster and pointing figures at their enemies.

And we have to remind our community that things will improve. It might not happen tomorrow or for a while, but they will get better. Be realistic, but also be human.

And let’s slam the door on this doomsday talk that is meant to scare residents and does very little except raise the tensions in our community that can wreck the foundation of what holds it all together. Our determination to move forward and provide the best life possible for our families.

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