Politicians snubbed by Governor’s task force to reopen Florida need to put egos and campaigns aside

This afternoon, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis formed his task force that will be charged with the re-opening of Florida following the Coronavirus pandemic (story HERE).

While I’m not a fan of government task forces (they’re little more than a photo opp), some of the snubs of politicians around the state and from here in Orlando are facing scrutiny.

Mostly from the politicians that want the platform to campaign or from those who have made bad task for decisions closer to home.

This is an Orlando blog. Let’s start with Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer and Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings being excluded from the group.

On Friday, these two appointed Co-Chairs for the local task force that included leaders from Visit Orlando and the Orlando Economic Partnership. The former is accustomed to putting their hand out for public dollars whenever possible for very little demonstrated return of investment (story HERE) and the latter has done little during this crisis but transform their website in to a lead generator for their well connected partners that feed off of businesses that are hurting. They also both supported the unpopular Universal road project which took $125 million dollars from Orange County before this crisis began (story HERE).

And you want to move this philosophy to the state level?

Next there is Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried.

Fried has used this crisis to kick off her campaign for Governor in 2022 (story HERE).

She has done the media tour which has centered around criticism of Ron DeSantis with little viable solutions of her own. This instead of focusing on her duties as Agriculture commissioner where her full concentration is needed right now.

Why do we want to drag her campaign on to a stage where we need real solutions on how to heal Florida economically?

The answer is we don’t.

And none of those three politicians are going to be on that task force.

Now we’ll have to listen to them complain to anyone that will listen on how they were done wrong.

The truth is that they only need to examine their own actions over the past few weeks to understand.

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