Green Bay Packers Fans need to use their voices on NFL “Bubble” or cancellation plans

No sooner then we first got the pro shop open here in Green Bay, there are now important opinions surrounding the approach to NFL Football this season. A traditional market by market plan is still in play and the preferred choice by many, including us here in Wisconsin.

But Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has won the hearts and minds of many in the United States during the Coronavirus pandemic, is recommending a bubble option or no season at all (story HERE).

His opinion is important. And it’s often echoed by many health professionals when making decisions during these times.

But what does Green Bay think? What do you think? It’s important that you let your voice be heard.

Are you prepared to be without NFL football being played at Lambeau field this year?

You need to get on social media and voice your opinion. You need to pick up the phone and call your elected officials. You need to tell your friends and neighbors.

This decision will effect a lot this year from development and the economy around the stadium, to the very morale of the community.

There are no wrong answers here. But it’s your community and you should use your voice to decide which direction it goes.

Let’s hear you Green Bay. And if you’re a reader from another NFL town, let’s hear your voice too!

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