The latest “Justice League” Snyder cut preview gives us a glimpse of Darkseid

The latest sneak preview of the Snyder cut of the Justice League gives us a glimpse of Darkseid. If you’re not a D.C stan, then you might not know that this is a pretty interesting addition to the action. It would have been like teasing the next major marvel villain at the end of the last Avengers film.

In the preview we see the wonderful Gal Gadot wandering the caves with a torch before she stumbles on drawings of the villain while narrating the scene with a voice that illustrates she’s clearly afraid of the guy.

The original Justice League was okay (Grade: B-). Like a lot of the DC movies, it tried to do so much in one movie. Fans believe this new cut Snyder cut of the film he really wanted will be some wild salvation project on the generally underwhelming movie.

Really, I think it’s like taking an overdone steak and just sticking it in the microwave. We’ll see. I’m more hopeful for Wonder Woman 1984 which was bumped back because of the pandemic.

You can check out the trailer below. The Snyder cut will be released on HBO Max sometime next year.

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