#Madden21 haters offer plenty of whining but few solutions

Video game social media has been unbearable today. While they’re have been some bright spots, the majority of the conversation has revolved around Madden 21.

There is a decent chance that if you’re reading this, I’ve probably been playing Madden longer than you’ve been alive.

The problem is that social media is unhappy with the updates made to the latest game. They don’t believe it’s enough and they’re calling it a $60 patch.

Now here is the thing. They’re not wrong. The recent era of Madden is a shadow of the once proud franchise that me and my friends standing outside of stores at midnight. And yes, the franchise mode that dominated my afternoons years ago has lost its way.

But foul language shot over social media aren’t as useful as recommendations. What can they do to fix it? We’re not hearing any of that.

I’ll start. What about bringing back the basic fundamentals of guiding a team through an NFL season? That sounds simple but it’s not what we’ve been getting. Make it impossible to put down again. Easy to navigate stats. Easy to navigate league news. A true training camp to SuperBowl experience with all optional components. Make it immersive. But don’t make us play with the toys we don’t like.

There. In one paragraph, or a slightly longer tweet, I did more than the cry babies on social media did today about the future of Madden.

Listen. We all want a return to what there was. I’m in Green Bay. We need a strong football title. And EA is not without blame here. When players would rather pay $60 for a game you put out ten years ago, you’re doing something wrong.

But let’s think. And then act. You’ll go farther that way.

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