“Hamilton” on Disney Plus is a worthy translation for home audiences

Just in time for the Fourth of July holiday, the Broadway smash “Hamilton” has made it home to audiences on Disney Plus. The result is a terrific experience of the celebrated production for the rest of us that can’t afford tickets and likely won’t be able to experience it live for some time to come.

We’re not going to spend too much time on the subject matter of the plot surrounding Alexander Hamilton. You’ll know who is who and what is going on. And much of this experience if you haven’t seen the show is walking and jogging alongside of it as the action proceeds.

But the big question. Can you capture the energy and satisfaction of a live performance at home?

Here? You’re damn right you can.

The performances will draw you in from the start. If you haven’t heard the music, it’s contagious even through a television. The camera work is superb and you will miss nothing. In fact, you’re likely seeing more. Thomas Kail’s direction loses nothing here and Disney took the love and care to make sure everything was done right.

Drawbacks? Well, one.

The energy of a live audiences isn’t quite there. You hear some responses, but you’ll likely wish there was more.

But then again, you’re at home. Broadway at home, wearing what you want, going to the restroom whenever you want, and eating what you want, all while saving a fortune. It’s a fair trade.

I’m not going to grade a four year old recorded show, but “Hamilton” is great. Lower the lights, put on the headphones or push the volume up and enjoy an experience that has been brought home that does justice to the original.

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