NBC turning the 30 Rock reunion into a Peacock commercial was a terrible call

You’ll find few that disagree. 30 Rock was one of the most clever shows during it’s original run. The Tina Fey show provided multiple laughs per minute for years and gave us Alec Baldwin, Tracy Morgan and Jane Krakowski at their best. A reunion is what I wanted and what fans all over the country wanted.

Last night, NBC turned that reunion into a commercial.

A commercial for Peacock, another streaming service that is fighting for your attention.

As soon as the laughs were picking up between Liz, Jack and Kenneth, we would get commercials spliced right into the middle of the action of Peacock programming.

What a horrible decision.

And that’s not the only part of the broadcast NBC flubbed. It wasn’t properly promoted and fans took to social media to voice their frustrations over not being able to watch the program because it wasn’t available in their market.

It was such a blown opportunity. I was sad to see it happen.

What was done correctly was the “Parks and Recreation” reunion we got earlier this summer. It was exactly what we wanted under these circumstances where these things are handled under that Zoom perspective.

The focus was on the characters we loved. Not the marketing.

But. Money.

This stunt was also less likely to get me to watch Peacock. If NBC is doing this to me now, how do I know there isn’t more of it with their new service?

Let’s hope NBC will decide to take another swing at this Reunion in the future.

The end of 30 Rock is better than an hour long commercial.

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