The indefinite delay of “Tenet” was disappointing but expected

The mind-bending Christopher Nolan epic “Tenet” has been delayed. Again. (story HERE).

It was disappointing. I expected this film to be one of the 2020 box office saviors (post HERE). You had John David Washington and Robert “Batman” Pattinson starring in a film that looked to challenge perspective once again, just like “Inception”.

But then again, the delay wasn’t completely unexpected.

No way Warner Bros were going to risk this picture in an environment where most theaters still aren’t open and Coronavirus numbers continue to set records in different parts of the country.

One aspect of the future release that does bother me is the international market potentially getting the first look at this film. American audiences shouldn’t be punished for an unprecedented pandemic.

Now it appears to be “Mulan” that may charge into theaters first later this summer. This means the reintroduction to going to the movies in America will almost exclusively be a family affair. But don’t believe Disney won’t push this back as well if things don’t improve.

Tenet will eventually arrive but not yet.

Who would have thought the mystery behind it’s arrival to theaters would rival it’s subject matter?

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