Adam Cole vs. Pat McAfee was probably fake, but it was great attention for both of them

On Thursday, Media Personality Pat McAfee and Pro Wrestler Adam Cole, both popular guys in their chosen professions, got in each other’s face when the latter was a guest on the former’s show (clip HERE).

Basically, McAfee said Cole’s success was due to only being around the right people and called him short. Cole fired back by calling McAfee a punter. I’ll let you decide which one is worse.

Anyways, it was most likely staged.

Cole is one of the best in the wrestling business today, with an entrance that is often a highlight of many WWE broadcasts. McAfee is undisputably funny (see what I did there?) and a wrestling broadcaster himself.

But it was fun to watch and both are the real winners here.

It got trending online. It meant more eyeballs for McAfee’s program and more attention to Cole’s career which is preparing to move him to the WWE’s top broadcast. And they’ve both got the thick skin following years of internet abuse at the hands of highly critical wrestling fans to deflect any negative buzz.

People will dissect and prod this encounter with more attention than they do their own affairs but as for the two subjects, their time in the spotlight today was a jump into the pop culture mainstream beyond sports entertainment.

And that too is undisputed.

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