It’s time to stop bugging Aaron Rodgers about Jordan Love as the Green Bay Packers kick off camp

We just can’t help ourselves can’t we?

Today, the Green Bay Packers kicked off training camp in a depressing COVID 19 world and the first thing we start asking quarterback Aaron Rodgers about is the recently drafted heir to his position. Jordan Love.

It’s surprising we didn’t just start with Danica Patrick.

But yet, here we are just months removed from an NFC Championship run and we’re going for the pressure points. If this were uncharted territory, it would be valid.

And better yet, we’re kicking off the 2020 campaign with these questions.

But he’s been asked this before. And just like he’s said before, he’s said it again. He was surprised and he wanted weapons. He said he understood it was a business. He also said in a very polite way that he was tired of talking about it.

And we should too. It’s stupid.

What we need to be asking him about is how he’s going to win a SuperBowl under these very unique conditions.

Aaron Rodgers and Jordan Love will be fine. We don’t need to be starting fires.

And enough with his future plans.

We need to be concerned about the present.

Listen, there are questions that have to be asked but the time on these questions has run out. Let’s be better.

Then hopefully everyone can get better during these tough times.

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