Amway Center should embrace WWE “Thunderdome” label to fix venue’s dull reputation

Have you heard of the “Thunderdome”?

A state of the art viewer experience, that uses pyrotechnics, drones, cutting edge lasers, and more for an unprecedented experience.

All we need is Tina Turner and it’s more excitement that you can handle.

And it sounds way better than the Amway Center.

But the two will be the same for an uncertain period of time as the WWE leaves it’s performance center to move into the Amway Center in hopes of improving their program for the viewers, and wading slowly back into the possibility of allowing fans back into their show.

The term has been trending online and it’s putting the Amway Center in the spotlight.

Why not embrace the label?

Why can’t the Orlando Magic play in the Thunderdome. Why can’t we have concerts in the Thunderdome? Why can’t we use this positive press to improve the reputation of a destination many people outside of Orlando believe is rather dull.

Let’s face it. Orlando is mostly for families.

And that makes it a dead end for some programs and a non starter for younger athletes that don’t want to play in a building named the Amway Center. Those are hard truths.

Expanding the Thunderdome venue into other aspects of the venue’s potential is exactly what the Amway Center will need, especially as we continue to try and navigate the pandemic.

Of course, the problem here is out of touch venue and city leadership. They will want to preserve the original name and ensure Amway gets their money. It’s the same kind of bland business that took the Citrus Bowl away from us and gave us Camping World Stadium.

But the public can effect that. They force a label on us but we can use the other. We’re not going to the Amway Center, we’re going to the Thunderdome.

If you do that. Then players and musicians will start to use it. And it will become an unofficial name for the venue and that will mean exciting possibilities for the future on Church Street.

A stretch? Possibly. But it can happen if you want it to.

Let’s get ready for the Thunderdome.

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