Dangerous Roads: Capitol Drive in Green Bay is a late night drag strip for speedy and reckless drivers

Today’s dangerous road is another street here in Green Bay, and unlike many other dangerous traffic situations in Brown County where bad urban planning has doomed residents to poor safety conditions on roads, this one can actually be fixed.

Capitol Drive is tucked away behind the Beacon shopping center next to Mason and Military. The road has a downward slope and is a popular artery for bypassing traffic during peak driving times in the area.

The problems with Capitol Drive however, happen after the sun goes down.

As soon as the parked cars on the side of the road eventually clear, it’s a wide open strip that is popular with speedy and reckless drivers that want to absolutely gun it down the street anywhere between 11PM and 3AM. These are mostly younger drivers coming back from parties who have little regard for the rules when celebrating with friends.

The problem is when your speeding down this residential road going 40 miles past the speed limit in some cases, the chance of someone getting hurt becomes very serious.

Green Bay should be concerned about these speeding drivers. One of them killed three people on Lombardi Avenue earlier this summer (story HERE).

Our community doesn’t need to lose anymore people due to this reckless kind of behavior.

We can fix it though.

An increased law enforcement presence on Capitol Drive could make a tremendous difference.

All it takes for one of these reckless drivers is to prepare to speed down Capitol Drive only to have to drastically change their behavior when they spot a police car on the corner.

That’s all it will take to potentially save some lives.

And Capitol Drive isn’t a stand alone residential street. There are homes around the entire area.

It’s unfortunate that there are so many unsafe roads that will require an intervention by local leaders to fix.

But here we have one that can be fixed to avoid accidents that can be easily prevented. And that’s very hopeful.

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