Stephen A. Smith is unfairly getting attacked by internet trolls for doing his job on “First Take”

Stephen A. Smith, one third of the excellent team over there at ESPN’s First Take with Max Kellerman and host Molly Querim, was getting beatdown today on social media for admitting he watches multiple news sources. Including FOX news.

That’s right. In addition to CNN, MSNBC, and probably many others, Stephen A. Smith gets perspectives from all angles of a news story.

In other words, he’s getting attacked by the internet trolls for being a journalist.

While I’m nowhere in the same galaxy as Smith as far as an audience, there was a time in my career when I talked on TV and radio almost everyday. If this pandemic didn’t change everything, that’s what I would be doing today.

You have to watch everything to ensure you’re seeing everything. You have to watch everything to identify consistencies and possible errors. You have to watch everything to make your arguments stronger.

Never in his argument did Stephen A. Smith say he agreed with the personalities on FOX news. And if you really listen to Stephen A. Smith, his push to his audience to get people to the polls flies against many of the candidates FOX news viewers would likely support.

But you guys aren’t trying to hear that.

Instead, we’re doing that thing again. Throwing an entire body of work out the window because we don’t like one statement a person said regardless of what they’ve done in the past.

And we haven’t even gotten to the worst part yet, that’s what people are saying in response to what they believe might have been said. Watch the 3:10 mark of this video.

That’s not someone lacing up gloves to defend something. He got frustrated because Max tried to box him in (also Kellerman’s job, don’t get mad at him) on a very personal subject.

No one is at fault here. The energy of the debate is being misinterpreted. As usual.

If you continue listening, Smith goes even further and pushes back at Brian Urlacher’s comments on the original subject of NBA players sitting out games for the Black Lives Matter movement. The entire root of the conversation.

But much of the critics couldn’t even tell you that’s where the dispute started.

Earning a living on television is a dream. In my opinion Stephen A. and Max have one of the best jobs in the world.

Unfortunately, even their words have to go through the social media filter and things get missed.

A lot of what was said today got missed. And sadly, as usual, the people that missed that are the ones doing the most talking.

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