We still can’t judge box office recovery with “New Mutants” $7.1 opening haul, but “Tenet” is coming

The perpetually shelved former FOX project, “The New Mutants”, bowed this weekend for a $7.1 million dollar haul at the box office (story HERE) in a measure that seem to put the film out of it’s misery. It’s currently sitting at 31% on Rotten Tomatoes as well.

But let’s be real, the true show of the box office recovery comes next weekend when “Tenet” opens.

The Christopher Nolan mind bender opened overseas (also unfairly, read my words HERE) with over $50 million dollars, which analysts say is better than expected.

I’m expecting big things from the film next weekend.

While it’s tough to give an exact opening figure during the recovery, it still needs to come out of the gate fast and with a big number. We’ve been waiting for this movie for some time, it needs to jolt the box office back to life and get us back on the right foot again.

If it doesn’t, it could be very bad.

Should Tenet stumble, not even fall, but stumble, then movies will be pulled. We saw Disney do that anyway this week with “The King’s Man” Kingsmen prequel and I worry that Wonder Woman 1984, which comes out in October, could also get spooked further back in the calendar if Tenet doesn’t perform well.

But let’s remain positive. All signs are boding well for this film to be the first real hit of the post pandemic box office. The reviews are solid and the audience is hungry for a good film to salvage their lost summer.

Yes, Warner Bros did us wrong giving the film to the rest of the world first, but we’re still ready to go.

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