Hollywood, please don’t ruin “She’s All That” with a bad remake

In what is more proof that Hollywood is completely out of ideas, they’re taking one more step into rebooting another beloved teen hit from the 90s. “She’s All That” (story HERE).

What has become a Gen X classic, saw Freddie Prinze Jr. turn Rachel Leigh Cook into the prom queen on a bet with made with Paul Walker. The movie came out of nowhere to become a hit and also featured a list of young talent, many of who are still working today as veterans in the industry.

The new project “He’s All That” will simply switch around the roles and try to take more of our money.

What was so special about the original can’t be recaptured with today’s standards. What we’ll get is a rushed project with no love that will result in a bad movie just for the sake of making a buck.

They’re not going to be able to recreate that walk down the steps. They’re not going to be able to capture that ridiculous reality TV Matthew Lillard energy. And they’re just plain not going to get away with that fourth wall breaking dance number in 2020.

And unless some changes are made, the story might not even be acceptable by today’s standards.

Do yourself a favor. Go back and watch the real “She’s All That”. Enjoy (or maybe even enjoy disliking) what was made and take it all in before Hollywood gives us another bad remake we didn’t ask for.

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