“Experts” didn’t want to include Aaron Jones among the best running backs in the NFL, they have to now

Who are all these people? These “experts” on TV talking about how great Aaron Jones is after the Green Bay Packers moved to 2-0 on the season with a 42-21 win over the Detroit Lions.

I’m asking because many of them weren’t respecting him before the season began, and now they’re his number 1 fans (story HERE). The disrespect was real.

But with the Jones’ latest strong performance which included 168 yards on the ground with three touchdowns, including one in the air, it’s hard to deny him at the cost of your credibility.

This man is a certainly a top ten back in this league, and when this season is over he’ll probably be in the top 5. Respect. This. Athlete.

And now some other notes from week 2:

An excellent and economical Aaron Rodgers: Rodgers went 18/30 for a pair of touchdowns and no interceptions. We’re only two weeks in but this man is playing MVP level ball. Expect this high level of play to continue as he continues to use every weapon at his disposal.

The defense was slow to start: Mike Pettine needs to work with his guys on getting tougher earlier in the game. For most of the first half, Detroit was moving the ball pretty well on these guys and that can’t continue because…

The high powered New Orleans Saints are on deck: The Pack heads to the SuperDome next weekend to take on Drew Brees in what could be a preview of the NFC Championship.

It’s the Pack and Chicago at the top of the NFC North: The Bears beat the Giants to move to 2-0 and the Vikings, in one of the worst games of Kirk Cousin’s career fell to the Colts (remember how we said the Packers could light the fuse that would lead to his end in Minnesota HERE). The two teams won’t play until late this year.

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