AEW Dynamite: Jericho and MJF, Orange and Cody, and Britt and Tony, all made for a fun anniversary

Happy Birthday to AEW Dynamite, who turned 1 year old today and celebrated their first anniversary on TNT with every title on the line. While none of those titles would change hands, the matches were all pretty good and a trio of great duos made for some fun watching.

Chris Jericho and MJF can’t go wrong: “Le Champion” and MJF are on another level of the wrestling promo business right now, than anybody else in the industry. We know MJF is going to get his chance to join the Inner Circle and we know it’s not going to work, but it’s going to be so fun to watch.

Orange Cassidy and Cody deliver as expected: These two can’t put on a bad match and while we didn’t get closure tonight, we’re getting another showdown. And I also happen to love the Dark Order so I can’t be mad at the zany finish.

Britt Baker and Tony Schiavone take a spa day: What we learned about Britt Baker during her injury is that if she can’t wrestle she can still be one of the best parts of an AEW show with her promos. And she did it again with her friends Reba (Rebel) and Tony Schiavone at the spa. Tony got the Steve Carell wax from the “Forty Year Old Virgin” and the whole affair was just fun. She’ll be back in action next week.

Honorable mention to the FTR and Best Friends match. Great stuff. If I could have changed one thing, it would have been nice to have one title change hands on the anniversary. Still a good time though.

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