Curb Your Enthusiasm turns 20 and society has gotten a “Larry David” kind of crazy over the years

It’s been 20 years since television first brought us “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and Larry David, one of the most unlikable anti-heroes in the history of television. HBO Max is celebrating that anniversary this month.

The program has been a wonderful success because of Larry David and the rude and just plain inconsiderate behavior that he showcases in every episode. It’s absolutely hilarious and the karma driven stories wrap up nicely and strangely tidy, for story telling that involves such a selfish agent of chaos.

One observation I’ve had since the show began is that we’re seeing more “Larry David” type of behavior in society. I”m talking about these stories in the news, where fights have broken out at grocery stores or movie theaters because of people getting into other people’s business.

Just like Larry David.

In fact, there is an excellent chance you’ve probably witnessed it.

Have you been at the park when two random strangers have gotten into an argument because of someone else’s selfish behavior? You know you have.

Face it. “Karen” and “Kens” have stolen Larry David’s flow. Word for word. Bar for bar (to quote the internet meme).

And Curb Your Enthusiasm on some levels, has turned into reenactments taking place in the streets everyday.

But we need to take some time in this post to celebrate “Curb”. It has become an old reliable and one of my favorite “set it and forget it” shows on streaming.

Some of my favorite moments.

the Ben Stiller birthday party.

Everything with Shaquille O’Neal.

The Lin-Manuel Miranda duel.

And most recently, the Jon Hamm stuff.

If you’ve managed to miss Curb over the last 20 years. Find a way to watch it and get ready for one of the best television comedy experiences out there.

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