WWE Smackdown: We loved Bianca, Jey vs Bryan, and Ziggler vs. Owens


Bianca Belair, you are ridiculous.

That was one of the many thoughts I had watching Friday Night Smackdown on FOX, as this rising star in the women’s division continues to demonstrate why she’s one of the best athletes in the company. Not in the women’s division. The entire company. Her match against Natalya and Billie Kay proved that again tonight when she lifted Kay for a finisher with almost no kind of momentum to generate the force. The strength needed to do that must have been incredible. All respect here. Can’t wait to see her at Survivor Series.

Watching Jey Uso finally join forces with Roman Reigns is just great television. I think about what Reigns and Uso could do with Paul Heyman and it’s worth getting excited over. That’s if they don’t turn on Heyman first which could almost be as good. He ain’t family. They don’t owe him anything. In the flow of the story anyways. The success with both of these superstars kicked into overdrive when he got involved.

Kevin Owens against Dolph Ziggler got all kinds of my appreciation. We take these guys for granted until one of them gets hurt and they disappear. Tonight, some of the sequences they pulled off was just incredible. Now we’re getting Owens on the Survivor Series team with Jey and that is going to be a real tough team to root against.

I’ve already praised Sasha Banks enough this week (story HERE). Let’s talk about Bayley. It takes two to work this kind of feud and while Banks is rocking everything right now, we’ve got to appreciate the former hugger as well, who on any given week can be the best heel in wrestling.

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