No excuse for 75% of Orlando Veterans missing out on benefits from VA

No one does a better job at keeping Orlando veterans away from their benefits than the Department of Veteran’s Affairs.

That may sound harsh but a recent report (story HERE) only underlines what we’ve known here in Orlando for years. There are a lot of lazy administrators at Lake Nona and at other VA facilities around the country that don’t want to help veterans.

They don’t want to help vets because that’s too much work.

This is why they ejected our elected officials from their offices at the VA hospital and reduced their access to a folding table in the hallway, and then only at certain times (story HERE).

And health care for veterans has only suffered during the pandemic with the American Legion raising concerns over Florida veterans not being able to get care with the restrictions the facilities are enforcing.

Sadly, things aren’t getting better in Orlando. I’ve often compared jousting with the Orlando VA to get the benefits you’ve earned to screaming at a brick wall. It doesn’t react. It doesn’t care. It does nothing.

Meanwhile, we continue to suffer.

It’s up to you to reach out to our elected officials to get them to change. You have to make noise. If you don’t then those VA administrators will keep collecting a paycheck of your tax dollars to do nothing.

We must do better than 75% as our veterans population only gets bigger. Especially in an economic climate in Central Florida that consists of low paying jobs and a lack of affordable housing.

If we don’t improve, we’ll only see more veterans and their families suffering

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