AEW Games must capture the personality of it’s programming to meet expectations

The new AEW games is planning a big announcement for Tuesday and I can only think of one thing.

“I hope whatever they have in store can capture the amount of fun I have watching their programming.”

That’s really been the rewarding part of AEW for me. It’s just fun television.

The wrestling is great, but it also looks like the athletes are having a good time and they’re allowed to really deliver their kind of humor and attitude to the show, and that is what makes it such a great watch.

So, yeah, if it’s an actual game, I want solid action.

But I also want “Judas” during Chris Jericho’s intro.

I want Wardlow following around MJF. And Rebel Reba with Dr. Britt Baker.

The legends like Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, Jake Roberts, need to be there, and goodness let’s have J.R on commentary.

And Orange Cassidy better not look like he cares whether he’s in a video game or not.

Let’s say it turns out not to be an actual gaming announcement. The event can still be a “win” they just have to ask themselves “is this in line with what our fans have been enjoying lately?”.

If they can honestly answer that question with “yes”, than things should be okay.

Really, there is also a part of this that might be out of their hands. That is the development of whatever their giving us. If it’s a hard game, then developers will have to do their part to make sure it’s successful. If it’s something else, it might rely on other contributors. We just don’t know.

But we’ll be there on Tuesday hoping for the best. And if it’s no good, then we’ll still be there to watch the show anyways.

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