Dancing With The Stars: A great show that handed judges an easy elimination


Dancing With The Stars delivered a solid show on Icon Night. And at the end of the night, it came down to simple math on the right choice on who to eliminate for our panel of judges.

Bachelor star Kaitlyn Bristowe and Olympic Skater Johnny Weir both brought in perfect scores with their first dance. Audiences were particularly interested on how the numbers would fall on each of them, with Bristowe seemingly getting graded tougher after a fast start to this year and Weir jumping from the top of the leader board to the bottom of the pack week after week.

We also got a great dance off between rapper Nelly and Disney Channel star Skai Jackson, which split audiences. Ultimately, Jackson would get the points and remains the sentimental favorite online to win it all. Her performances and pre dance packages made her look very strong tonight.

At the end of the evening, the final two celebrities up for elimination were Weir and Backstreet Boy AJ McLean. While the vote was split for dramatic purposes, simple math dictated that the top of the board performer in Weir get the opportunity to advance over McLean, who had one of the lowest scores of the evening. There might have been an uproar if judges had gone the other way.

The flow of the show was strong with a pace that kept the action going without lingering too long in one place. Many viewers who were critical of Carrie Ann Inaba’s scores seemed happy this time around and the negative comments regarding new host, Tyra Banks, after a controversial switch from Tom Bergeron this season weren’t as intense as they have been in previous weeks.

It was a good program and we’ll all be back next week for more.

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